BTS writes postcards to ARMYs on Weverse, and many believe that it’s a hint at a possible subunit in their upcoming album. The first members who shared their postcards were RM, Jimin, and V, followed by Jin and Jungkook, and lastly Suga, and J-Hope.

Suga shared that he had been enjoying playing the guitar lately, and it’s making his worries go away. The “Daechwita” rapper then ended his message by asking ARMYs what BTS means to them.

As for J-Hope, he started his postcard by thanking ARMYs for being the reason why BTS has gotten to where they are now. He then expressed how much he missed the fans and then asked them about words that comfort them.

“We could only come this far thanks to all of you! Thank you for always being by our side. And… we miss you so much!! Dear ARMY, what are the words that comfort you the most?” J-Hope wrote.

ARMYs took to Twitter to reply to J-Hope’s question. But instead of writing the words that comfort them, fans shared videos of the BTS rapper saying encouraging words to fans. In short, J-Hope’s words comfort them the most, such as clips of him saying “it’s okay” and “please be happy.”

J-Hope is dubbed “Sunshine” by ARMYs for his bright and bubbly personality. The BTS rapper exudes a positivity that brings joy to fans. He also always sees to it to share a positive message during his live broadcast that gives hope to those who were feeling down.

Meanwhile, ARMYs have been dying for a Sope (Suga and J-Hope) subunit for years. Now, they are hoping that these postcards are real clues of the members’ team-up for the BE album. BANGTANTV has previously uploaded a video where BTS sat together in a casual meeting, where they talk about their upcoming album.

The boys mentioned that they will have three subunits: one rapper, two vocals (possibly RM, Jimin, and V based on the postcards), two vocals (possibly Jin and Jungkook), and two rappers (possibly Suga and J-Hope).

What makes Sope different from the other ships is that Suga himself created this unit with J-Hope. Even Run BTS! and BANGTANTV staff support their tandem as they continuously leave sweet captions for the pair.

In fact, when Suga and J-Hope picked each other’s photocards during BTS’s FESTA 2020, the staff wrote, “Sope is true.”