A 12-year-old birthday message from Katy Perry to Rihanna has resurfaced, igniting a firestorm of criticism. On June 21, fans revisited Perry's comment, finding it shockingly offensive in today's context.

The controversy began when Rihanna, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, celebrated her birthday on Twitter-now known as X-by expressing her gratitude to her fans, known as the #RihannaNavy. The pop star, who turned 36 this year, wrote, "Ahhhhhhh ALL MY BDAY wishes from my DM to my TL!!!! KRAY! I truly love u guys, thank you so much #RihannaNavy for makin me feel special."

However, it was Perry's public birthday message that caught everyone's attention. "HAPPY BIRFDAY u hoodrat, bearct, crazy, sexy a, freaky whole bit b****h. I [red heart] u so much. Keep it real tonight, as I know u will!" Perry tweeted. The term "hoodrat" particularly drew ire, with many finding it offensive and inappropriate.

The message, originally posted over a decade ago, was unearthed and scrutinized by fans, leading to widespread backlash. One fan reacted, "A bear what... a hood whooo?!?!?! [crying emoji]," while another expressed disbelief, "She called her a hoodrat... and got away with it??? [crying emoji]." Another user wrote, "Katy b*h you lost your dn mind," highlighting the outrage that the comment elicited.

The controversy deepened when users speculated on the meaning of "bearct," with some suggesting it might be a synonym for a racial slur. However, a community note later clarified that this interpretation was incorrect. "This is a fake. Bearct doesn't mean the n-word or any other racist connotation. Actually, it doesn't even have a formal or informal specific meaning," the note stated. Despite this clarification, the post garnered over 2.5 million views, as fans rushed to defend Rihanna, who recently supported her partner A$AP Rocky during his Paris Fashion Week debut.

Perry, 39, who recently departed from 'American Idol' after seven years, has not publicly commented on the resurfaced post. She announced her latest single, "Woman's World," set to release on July 11th, but this controversy might overshadow her musical endeavors.

The resurfacing of this tweet serves as a stark reminder of how societal norms and sensitivities evolve over time. What might have been seen as playful banter years ago is now viewed through a more critical and sensitive lens. The incident also underscores the importance of public figures being mindful of their words, even in casual contexts, as past comments can resurface and cause unexpected damage to their reputation.

Rihanna, who has not commented on the matter either, continues to focus on her personal and professional life. She recently made headlines for her front-row appearance at Paris Fashion Week, supporting A$AP Rocky's presentation of 'American Sabotage' by AWGE.