Xinhai Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

Zhang Xinhai has become the chief executive officer of Business Times Inc since June 2017, and is fully responsible for the operation of the online publication.

In 2014, he was the producer and screenwriter of the film "Where to Go". The film was nominated to the the Fellini Award, the highest honor in the Venice Film Festival, and was represented in the World Anti-Fascist Film Festival organized by UNESCO.

Prior to this, Zhang had been working in China's local government comprehensive department, state-owned large enterprises and national energy management departments for many years. He has rich experience in the economy industry.

From 2009 to 2011, he was the executive editor of magazine Power Enterprise Management of China;

In 2008, he became the executive editor of the "Olympic Encyclopedia";

From 2003 to 2006, he published the monograph "Human Resources Management Series";

In 1990s, he served as a special editor of Women's Literature; his work "The Work on Rural Labor Transfer" received the National Excellent Research Report Award; he presided over the publication of "China Rural Electricity Market".

In 1980s, Zhang founded the Yuanshan Poetry Society, and the poetry "Yuanshan" became an influential literary publication at that time. At the same time, he served as the deputy editor of the journal "Yuan Lei".

Zhang studied at Tianjin University of Finance and North China Electric Power University, and received a bachelor's degree in statistics and a master's degree in economics in the early 1980s.