In yet to be confirmed reports, South Korean company Enjin Wallet has been approached by Samsung about a possible blockchain wallet for its Galaxy S10 smartphone. According to Coin Telegraph, the company created a 'mock-up' of how the blockchain wallet would look like, once implemented into Samsung's UI.

The Enjin Wallet is reported to be installed into the Samsung Galaxy S10, where it can be received by an expected 31 million users. The wallet is compatible with ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens--the other also known as crypto game assets. Samsung is reportedly going to enlist the help of decentralized technology to manage the distribution of data on different devices. This included content to be shared and managed, as well as digital asset management and in-game transactions and ownership.

Samsung, according to Smartereum, hinted at the Enjin Wallet when it said that the Galaxy S10 series comes with a pre-installed cryptocurrency key storage. Leaks of the phone had shown that there might be space for an Ethereum wallet when it ships.

Rumors have yet to confirm the truth surrounding the crypto wallet. An anonymous source had said that Enjin was the designated developer for the crypto wallet. It was also expected that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series would open the gateway for a greater understanding--and use--of cryptocurrency, which is currently being explored for use in other transactions, such as in real estate.

Enjin had been involved in other projects in the past, most notably the ERC-1155 tokens. These digital tokens are being used in transactions in the virtual world and to designate ownership in the same world. The wallet is already available to download on Android and iOS devices and can also be used for ERC-20 tokens.

The phone, the Galaxy S10, was introduced last Feb. 20. It was revealed to have a storage for private crypto keys, but the cryptocurrency wallet--if it was ever installed--was not yet mentioned at the time. However, the rumors still abound despite an announcement that has yet to happen.

Reporters from various agencies like Coindesk Korea, however, attest to the presence of Enjin's Wallet on the Samsung Galaxy S10 after having tested a unit at the manufacturer's flagship D'light store.