Theories and speculations about the upcoming One Piece Chapter 958 have been making rounds lately since avid followers of the popular Japanese manga series are thrilled to know what it has to offer. Rumors are rife that the imminent new episode is set to feature the kick-off of Wano Act 3. Eiichiro Oda is said to give details about the late Pirate King Gol D. Roger and Lord Kozuki Oden.

Avid followers of the manga series are aware that some bits and pieces of King Gol and Lord Kozuki's past were divulged in the previous chapters. It was learned that the pair were boarding Gol's ship when Kozuki found One Piece and conquered the Grand Line. They even hosted a banquet on the ship. Other details about their close relationship are expected to be tackled in One Piece Chapter 958.

Other reports suggested that Luffy, Zoro, the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates, and their alliance will start their raid at Onigashima. However, One Piece Chapter 958 spoilers claimed that things would not go smoothly for them. It is said that the team will be in great danger before they reach the official residence of Yonko Kaido.

Reports have it that Luffy's group will be attacked at some point in the imminent One Piece Chapter 958. As they approach the New World Island, Momonosuke and his team got confused as they have not seen any signs of ships or armies at Udon. A little later, Momonosuke and Inuarashi were spotted covered with sweat after detecting that someone has been pounced on.

The son of the late daimyo of the Kuri region, then, tried reaching Luffy using the Den Den Mushi but to no avail. Speculations are rife that the said incident happened a night before the official meeting of Luffy's alliance. Other One Piece Chapter 958 spoilers even showed Shogun Orochi celebrating with some Beast Pirates members.

It remains to be seen what could happen in One Piece Chapter 958. But, based on the spoilers, readers can expect some action-packed scenes in the upcoming new episode. The fate of Momomosuke and his group is something fans should watch out for in the next chapter.

Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates will be out of reach in the next chapter. Could this mean that they are in danger too? We'll see once One Piece Chapter 958 hits the bookshelves on Monday, Oct. 7, 2019. Stay tuned to Business Times for more One Piece Chapter 958 spoilers, speculations, theories, news, and updates!