BTS V's visual is always on point. Whether it's on stage, during award shows, or at the airport, the BTS member always stood out from the crowd. Most recently, a member of the group's fandom, ARMY, edited a Taehyung's photo to look like he is modeling for a famous luxury brand.

It's been every ARMY's dream to see Kim Taehyung, also known as V, as an official model of any fashion brand. He has been called "Gucci King," "The Human Gucci," or "the walking Gucci" for quite some time now because of her passion for the brand. 

At one point, an ARMY created a fan video of V as a Gucci model. Many believe that he even looks like a real model of Gucci than the actual image models of the brand, which makes many wonder why the Italian fashion company hasn't signed the singer as their model.

Now, another fan edited V's photo and made it like he is a model of the French luxury fashion house Saint Laurent. Taehyung himself shared this photo at the fan cafe app, Weverse. The original photo was from one of BTS's photoshoot. 

According to V, one of his friends sent the edited photo to him and asked him if he had started modeling for the brand. Taehyung hilariously replied to his friend and told him that it just somehow happened without his knowledge. 

Meanwhile, fans commented that the editing of Taehyung photo was so good that he looks a real model of YSL. Others said V is more than great not to be given a modeling contract. 

BTS V has gained the nickname "CGV" when he and the six other members of BTS debut in 2013 because of his striking visual that is so flawless that he can be mistaken as a computer game character. His fashion style is equally stunning. 

Just recently, the "Winter Bear" singer turned the airport walkway into his own runway when he showed up at the airport with his bandmates in a neutral outfit but with one piece of clothing that turns heads even of other BTS members. He wore at the airport nude-colored loose pants that are adorned with paint colors. He looks like a painter who came out of a painting session and just in the car to go wherever he needs to be. 

V has always been praised for his apparel choices. But, the septet's ARMY is not the only ones who are praising the singer/actor for his impeccable fashion style and unique charm on and off the camera. 

Fashion sites have acknowledged the ethereal beauty of Taehyung over the years. He has been named "The Most Handsome Face of 2017" by TC Candler and by the international fashion industry insiders as "Best Fashion Face Of 2018."

The recent edited photo of V could be featured YSL perhaps because the "Singularity" singer has been sporting different brands nowadays. In a BTS interview with The Hollywood Reporter, V admitted that his obsession with Gucci has died down somehow.