Canadian President Justine Trudeau posted a Tweet and revealed that China has lifted the ban on beef and pork imports into its country. He also manifested that lifting signaled better business deals between China and Canada especially those engaged in the meat-producing sector.

Last Tuesday, Trudeau announced that there has been a breakthrough in the tense trade relations between Canada and China. The latter has agreed to resume imports in beef and pork products which would benefit Canadian meat producers and provide more business opportunities for the industry,

It was unclear as to how Beijing changed its decision on the ban, but the report indicated that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of meat producers would start issuing export certifications for shipments that would be bound for China.

According to the Trade and Agricultural ministers Marie-Claude Bibeau and Jim Carr, the country has been engaged in the meat business with China for the past few months. In a statement, they acclaimed that Canada would work closely with its pork and beef producers and processors by the time the lifting of the ban becomes effective, reported Manila Bulletin.

The report indicated that China and Canada are two of the largest providers of beef and pork products. Last June, China urged Canada to review false veterinary health certificates to shipments of pork bound for China, reported Xinhua. The counterfeit meat shipments were said to have been discovered by customs officials in Nanjing as they found ractopamine in the meat products.

Last June, Carr also suggested that the forgeries raised by China may have been defective as they assured the country that the meats were safe. On the contrary, China also grew concerned about the shortages of Chinese consumers of pork meat after the swine outbreak reduced its domestic supply by millions. Thus, the report indicated that this may have been the reason for the said ban.

Canadian Meat Council president Chris White then revealed that Canada and China have enjoyed a healthy trade relationship and that both countries enjoy the benefits their trade deals provide for their constituents. Thus, the lifting of the ban, White urged, would further strengthen the trade ties between the countries.

He also commended China on lifting the bad after it manifested the country's decision to work through lingering customs and shipping issues. Despite the pork and beef meat products ban lifting, China still blocks the entry of billions worth of Canadian canola sales.