Running into their exes in public places is highly possible in Hollywood where many celebrities got romantically involved with each other. Jennifer Aniston was once rumored to have broken down when she ran into her ex-husband Justin Theroux in a restaurant in LA, and he ignored her.

Gossip Cop recalled how ridiculous an OK! article a year ago when it claimed that Jen broke down in tears after Theroux ignored her when they had a run-in at a restaurant in Hollywood. At the time, a source of the outlet alleged the Friends actress was having a great time with her friends when she saw Theroux.

The insider claimed the actress was visibly shaken when the Zoolander actor ignored her. Jen allegedly told her friends to get the check so they could leave.

Gossip Cop checked in with Aniston's spokesperson, who made the record straight that the supposed run-in was completely made-up. The outlet also noted that OK! published its story when Jen and Justin hadn't been spotted together since their split in 2017.

The alleged surprise run-in story has been completely debunked since. Jen even maintains a good relationship with them despite decided to go their separate ways.

Theroux and Aniston began dating in 2011 after working together on the movie Wanderlust. They got engaged in August 2012 and tied the knot three years later. In February 2018, the couple announced that they have separated since the end of 2017.

Aniston and Theroux reunited in July when they bury their late dog, Dolly. The Spy Who Dumped Me actor even posted on Instagram a photo of him and Aniston holding each other's hands while laying their dog to rest.

When Aniston joined Instagram last month, her former beau is one of the first celebrities to follow her. Earlier this month, Theroux tagged The Morning Show actress in his Instagram post that encourages people to adopt rescue dogs.

As for her ex Brad Pitt, she also reconnected with her as a friend. Jen invited Pitt on her 50th birthday earlier this year, which the actor attended. The actress may not be able to follow Brad on social media as the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood actor doesn't have any social media account.

She may, however, keep updated about the actor's life by simply dropping him a call. Aniston previously admitted that she and Pitt do share occasional calls and text. All of these only prove that Jennifer Aniston won't cry or run away if she ever runs into her exes anywhere.