Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, received a lot of praises after delivering his passionate speech at the Tusk Conservation Awards held last Thursday at the Leicester Square in London. Followers of the second in line to the British throne heard the speech, which was posted on Kensington Palace's social media.

In the post on Instagram, Prince William said that everyone needs to make a fast and effective move to "balance our demands on this planet with nature." The speech was set over the videos of the interaction among the awards' finalists, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Followers posted their commendations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for their work in helping raise awareness about the environment and their support for the people who share the same advocacy. A few commenters said that Prince William is pretty much Princess Diana's boy.

Another poster said that his mother is likely proud of his eldest son and his wife amid the other controversies involving the rest of the royals. One follower also said that she could hear Princess Diana in the way Prince William spoke about what he cared for.

Royal fans are certain that Prince William would one day make a great king after his father, Prince Charles. With his wife by his side, fans are hopeful that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would bring a bright future for the English monarchy. They also said that aside from his good looks and charisma, the young royal has the same dignity, people skills, and compassion just like his mother.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton pulled out of the awards show at the last minute and was unable to join her husband at the ceremony that night. A spokesperson for Kensington Palace confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge had to cancel her appearance "due to the children."

Sources told ET Canada that Kate had to stay at home because they had could not get a babysitter. It's unclear, however, if the children's nanny, Maria Teresa Borrallo, was also not around.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have three kids - Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 19 months old. Kensington Palace did not reveal further details of the Duchess' absence. However, the royal office said that Kate was able to meet with the awards finalists during their afternoon tea time, which was highlighted in the video.