BTS recently graced the red carpet for the Golden Disc Award. The boys went to their usual formation one by one as they arrived at the event. First was V, followed by Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope.

As they were finding their spots, V suddenly tripped and fell on the floor. The BTS member was clearly surprised by the incident that he didn’t know how to react. V just remained in the kneeling position for more or less three seconds.

With a lot of people witnessing his mishap at a formal event, V was probably very embarrassed at the time. But then Jin did something to make things less awkward for the 24-year-old singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor.

After seeing V trip and fall, Jin instantly dropped to his knees. While many may think that the BTS singer was making fun of V, he actually had a deeper meaning for doing it.

You see, Jin previously shared something life-changing during his V Live broadcast on his birthday last December 3. He told the ARMYs who were watching to do the countdown for his birthday with him like the ones that people do on New Year’s eve.

Jin then told them that after the countdown, they will have to say “Wow, happy birthday!” He said that he will do it with the fans as well. Since he and ARMYs will be doing it all alone in front of their screens, Jin knew it would have been an embarrsing moment for them. That’s when he said something that ARMYs will never forget.

“If we all gather our embarrassment together, it'll become confidence,” Jin said.

So after seeing V’s embarrassing moment at the Golden Disc Award red carpet, Jin joined him so he wouldn’t feel so awkward about it. This just proves how kind-hearted Jin is, especially when it comes to the people he loves.

Jin may be the oldest member of BTS, but he is certainly one of the funniest and playful members of the group. With that said, fans sometimes forget that Mr. Worldwide Handsome is not just all fun and good looks, as he is definitely one of the wisest people you’ll ever meet.

In fact, he previously shared that he starts his day by complimenting himself, so he could be confident throughout the day.

“You know, this is kind of embarrassing to say myself, but I do this thing where I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror. And I tell myself, ‘Seokjin. You’re so handsome. What are you going to do!’ I’m serious. That’s how I start my mornings,” he said. “I keep facing myself in the mirror and tell myself that I’m not so bad. And that’s how I start my mornings, with confidence. I’m telling you, it’s good for you! In order to be confident throughout the day, you need to make a habit of praising yourself.”