Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston snatched the spotlight from the winners of the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards. The encounter between the former spouses is what everybody was waiting for, and they didn't disappoint. This sparked more speculations that Brad and Jen are giving their relationship a second chance.

The reunion of Pitt and Aniston at the backstage of SAG was one of the highlights of the night. It was well documented how things go down between the two. They gave each other warm congratulatory remarks when they met backstage.

Pitt won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in the movie Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Aniston, on the other hand, won Best Actress in a TV Drama for her performance as a news anchor in The Morning Show.

Angelina Jolie's ex-husband was also filmed all smiles while watching Jen's acceptance speech on a TV monitor. In Touch cited some sources as saying Brad looked obviously "in love" with Jen again.

"He wasn't even trying to hide it in public. You couldn't wipe that smile off his face even if you tried, and I've never seen Jen look so genuinely happy," the source of the outlet said.

The insider also claimed that the two have decided to give their relationship a second chance, and this time they are not going to let it fail. The outlet also cited a body language expert as saying Brad and Jen's gesture showed that they care deeply about each other.

"When Jen begins to leave, Brad grabs her. He doesn't want her to go. They are showing they really have a deep connection," the body language expert said.

Meanwhile, the Ad Astra actor admitted that he is "blissfully naive" of happened at SAG Awards. During the 35th Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Wednesday, the actor was asked about his thoughts over the media and fans frenzy about his run-in with his ex-wife at SAG.

Brad said he is not aware that it was a big deal. The actor added he wants his "naiveness" of the hottest topic in town to stay that way.

Though it was widely reported that the two had rekindled their friendship and Pitt had attended some events that Aniston hosted last year, the reunion at SAG was the first time they were photographed together in over a decade. Hence, it is understandable that fans are freaking out.