Ford Motor Co. is planning to unveil the off-road SUV Ford Bronco in Mar. 2020 reveals dealers. The information was shared with them at the NADA Show's yearly meeting. The US automaker is reportedly preparing to launch the smaller Ford Bronco Sport in Apr. 2020, which would take place at the New York Auto Show.

Ford Bronco Launch Details

According to a new report, Ford Motors' executives informed dealers last Sunday that they anticipate sales of the Ford bronco family. The upcoming series would initially launch the two-door and the four-door models of the vehicle, as well as the Bronco Sport. The company intends to hit at least 200,000 units as it aims to challenge the dominance of Jeep Wrangler in the industry.

Ford first introduced Bronco in the '90s, and while the two-door SUV maintains a loyal following from its three decades of production, the stakes are high. There is definitely an interested audience for the 2020 Ford Bronco; however, this same audience would most likely be vocal enough if it finds something out of tune with the upcoming vehicle.

Other Details

Partcatalog recently reported that Ford Bronco is the most popular SUV revival. The site made an interesting deep-dive at Google Trends and learned that it is one of the vehicles in the minds of Americans. Ford would launch a lot of accessories for the upcoming Bronco, according to Automotive News. The US vehicle maker also assured dealers that it had made a lot of changes in the accessories of the upcoming vehicle after the release of the Ford Ranger pickup.

Ford also said that 'profit-rich' parts would be available at Ford bronco's launch. So far, we know that the Ford Bronco would be available in two configurations, the two-door and the four-door. Interestingly, buyers would be able to customize the models that come with detachable roof and removable doors.

Under the hood, the Ford bronco would provide a 2.3-liter turbo-four and a far higher output V6. As for the Ford Bronco Sport, it is anticipated to feature the same crossover bones as the Ford Escape but with extra off-road modifications. It would also share some of the larger body design of the Bronco.

Both the Ford Bronco and the smaller Ford Bronco Sport would enter production in 2021. Ford might soon launch the Bronco configurator after the vehicle's official reveal. Rumors have it that the upcoming SUV would be available in Cyber Orange Pearl, Antimatter Blue Metallic, and Fighter Jet Gray color options.