Electric cars are believed to be the future of transportation, and so far, only Tesla Motors has been answering the call. Several automakers in the United States have been trying to dip their hands in the EV segment, but none have garnered much success. Hence, Tesla remains the lone car standing, and this has left many baffled.

Typifying Tesla's surge is the demand for its Model 3 sedan. In terms of sale, this Tesla variant has become the prime choice, outselling other vehicles available in 2019. The closest is the Chevrolet Bolt which sold only 16,000 units, CNBC reported. One can just imagine how many cars the third placer, something that may not be significant if not unworthy of reporting.

Regardless, such is the least of Tesla's problems. But what becomes even more interesting is that Tesla is doing it with controlled resources. They have a small-sized company and have had their share of struggles. And while this would normally be a red flag for any company, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his team have managed to weather the storm.

With Tesla's success, the race to give the American company a run for its money continues. Renowned automakers have tried their best but have so far failed. Among the companies who tried to pitch theirs include Ford and its Mach-E Mustang electric crossover. The vehicle can reportedly drive as much as 300 miles, fairly close to Tesla' 322.

Pre-production for the Mach-E seems to have started following some images that appears on Ford's Facebook page. It could not be determined if this was part of pre-production over in Mexico. What is clear, though, is that Ford is serious about trying to give Tesla some competition in the EV segment. Full production for it will not begin until the fall of 2020.

Will Ford be the first official Tesla Killer? For now, it may be hard to tell. Despite the limited resources and issues that the company has faced, it appears Musk was able to single out the key things that consumers will likely single out. The most important of it all is the mileage that an EV can go and the number of charging stations in a region. Tesla seems to have covered those bases - something that aspiring Tesla Killers will have to deal with next. Coming out with an electric vehicle is something but inferior batteries and lack of charging options will make it less appealing to the market.