Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced last month that they will be stepping down as senior royals to focus more on their family and charities. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex also wished to be “financially independent” as they start their own life outside the Royal family.

This withdrawal was quickly dubbed as “Megxit,” which is a portmanteau of "Meghan" and "exit.” The British tabloid newspaper The Sun was the first one to use the term on January 9.

Now, Royal expert Dan Wootton claimed that Meghan Markle strongly dislikes the term “Megxit” as it made her look like the only one who should take full responsibility for her and Prince Harry’s decision. He then revealed that the former actress would prefer the term "Sussexit” instead.

However, royal commentator Lizzie Cundy insisted that if it weren’t for Meghan Markle, Prince Harry would still be living in the UK. But Dan Wootton quickly defended the Duchess of Sussex.

“Prince Harry is a grown man, why blame Meghan, Lizzie Cundy,” he said. “Why not blame Harry or blame them equally. Someone said the other day that Meghan doesn’t even like the term ‘Megxit’ because it puts all the blame in her camp. In fact, Meghan would prefer it be referred to as Sussexit.”

But Lizzie Cundy stayed firm to her statement and believed that Prince Harry would not leave the UK if he hadn’t met Meghan Markle. She also noted that she hoped that the Duchess of Sussex would turn out to be like Princess Diana but “she wasn’t.”

“I do believe if Harry had not met Meghan he would still be here in the UK,” she said. “I think he would want to be here. We know Harry has been upset with the media and we know what happened to his dear mother. I wished and prayed that Meghan was going to be the next Princess Diana but she wasn’t. We love the charity work they do, we saw it on the documentary but then we started seeing other stuff.”

Lizzie Cundy claimed that she has spoken to Prince Harry’s friends, who revealed that the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana has changed after meeting Meghan Markle. In fact, biographer David Jones previously shared that some of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s pals believe that the latter is the instigator of their shocking announcement. He said that one of the former actress’s close friends said that they “saw this coming.”

Meanwhile, previous reports revealed that fans thought that Prince Harry regressed after marrying Meghan Markle. Many believe that the harsh criticism that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are facing now is all because of the former actress.