Asia is preparing for a potential second wave of coronavirus cases despite China's Hubei Province in recovery as people coming home from other hard-hit regions drive the hike in new imported CoVID-19 cases in the region.

China Ramps Up Measures on Foreign Arrivals

China will start banning most foreign arrivals on midnight Friday as part of the government's efforts to stop the increase of imported cases in the country, the South China Morning Post reported.

A statement from the Chinese foreign ministry noted that entry visas usually provided to foreigners will be suspended as the number of new imported cases gradually rise in Asia.

The ministry noted that the move of suspending most visa entries is "an interim measure" that Beijing has to make to ensure that the CoVID-19 situation in the country will be controlled, especially as Hubei Province is on the road to recovery.

China now has a total of 81,782 confirmed coronavirus cases and at least 3,290 deaths.

South Korea's Daegu Reports Another Cluster

Daegu, the epicenter of South Korea's coronavirus crisis last month, reported another cluster found at a nursing home in the area.

According to Yonhap News, the local health agency revealed 52 people at the said nursing home tested positive of the CoVID-19 strain, marking another round of clusters that South Korea has recorded since the outbreak started in the southeastern city.

50 of the said infected people are patients, while 49 others from the same facility are still waiting for their test results. Some said there maybe more confirmed cases in the coming days.

As of Thursday, South Korea recorded a total of 9,332 confirmed CoVID-19 cases and at least 139 deaths.

North Korea Says Around 2,280 in Quarantine

State media in North Korea reported that at least 2,280 citizens are still undergoing quarantine as part of the government's efforts in containing the novel coronavirus.

Two foreigners are also being quarantined, while one has been released. It is unclear whether the number of people on isolation include ranked officials or medical service providers.

The news from North Korea marks the first time the country provided a toll on its quarantined citizens. The government has yet to release official data on how many people tested positive of the CoVID-19 strain or if any deaths linked to the virus have been recorded.

Japan Arrests Man Who Allegedly Told Flight Crew He was Infected

Japanese police on Friday took into custody a man who told cabin crew workers of a domestic flight in the country that he has coronavirus. He is being held under suspicion of obstructing business as the flight was delayed due to his remarks, Kyodo News reported.

The Jetstar Japan flight was supposed to depart from the Narita airport but was delayed for over an hour due to Norihiro Kojima's claims of testing CoVID-19 positive. It is unclear whether he was really infected or not.

As of Thursday, Japan reported a total of 2,110 confirmed coronavirus cases.

India Passes 700-Mark in Confirmed Cases

The Indian Health Ministry's data that was updated as of Friday morning revealed that the country now has a total of 724 confirmed CoVID-19 cases, including 47 foreign nationals, India Today reported.

Kerala has the highest number of confirmed cases at 137, while Maharashtra follows behind with 130, as confirmed by the health ministry. The country is on a nationwide lockdown in efforts to contain the virus and prevent further infections.

As of Thursday evening, India's coronavirus death toll reached 17.

Brunei Passes 90 in Confirmed CoVID-19 Cases

As of Friday, Brunei reported a total of 91 coronavirus cases, with two patients who have since recovered from the disease, the ASEAN Briefing reported.

Earlier this week, Brunei announced that foreign residents in the country, as well as citizens, are prohibited from leaving the country as part of the government's guidelines in preventing further spreading of the novel virus.