Amir Khan is one of the prime boxers of today and is someone who has accomplished so much. Though he continues to look for credible and big-name fights, helping out in the fight against COVID-19 will undoubtedly be one that would blend in well in his resume.

A lot of athletes and popular names have done their share to combat the coronavirus strain. And while measuring them is not important at this point, donating an entire building is something only the rich may be able to do. Khan donated a 60,000-square foot building he is developing to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom to aid in the fight against the coronavirus, Yahoo Sports reported.

The building was originally meant to be a wedding hall and already has electricity. Aware that the need for more hospital beds is a need, the 33-year-old boxer did not hesitate and opted to donate it for the greater good.

 “This country and the people have been great to me. They’ve supported me for so long and done so much for me. This is just the right thing to do," Khan said. “I’m able to do it and it just so happens that there is an urgent need, so I reached out and made the offer.”

As far as getting back in the ring, the Briton says he plans to fight one or two fights more. However, he does admit that his family has asked him to consider retiring but it appears he is not quite ready yet. But if there is one fighter he wants to face, he bared that it would be Terence Crawford.

“Crawford, without a doubt,” Khan said. “He could fight off his front foot and his back foot and … he’s a very complete fighter.”

And if he does hurdle Crawford, a rematch with Canelo Alvarez is among his plans. Khan faced the Mexican in 2016 but lost via knockout in the sixth round. In a fight that most felt was a mismatch, the Bolton fighter could care less and probably just wants to show the world he can stand up to Canelo.

Curiously, he does not appear to be hot on the trail of either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. His mentioned cropped up a couple of times in the past but nothing went down. Potentially looking at more realistic fights, Crawford is on his radar after which he will decide on whether to fight on or not.