The Los Angeles Dodgers had big plans this coming MLB season, most feeling they were serious about making it all the way. Unfortunately, no one saw the coronavirus pandemic getting this serious and most are now left in isolation.

Most sports leagues are put on hold with most needing to make big decisions. That includes the possibility of calling off the entire season if the COVID-19 virus is not contained. If that happens, the Dodgers could be in a bind although not entirely.

Just recently, the MLB and MLBPA agreed on the status of some upcoming free agents moving forward. Players who completed a full season of 2019 would be credited a full season in 2020, allowing them to become free agents. If a 2020 season does push through, their service time will be pro-rated, Yahoo Sports reported.

At first, this may look bad on Dodgers as far as Betts is concerned. But then again, there is a downside to seeing a shortened or canceled season. With no MLB games, likewise affected is the revenue coming from broadcast rights and ticket sales. Given the impending losses, players who are seeking bigger pay next offseason may not be getting ridiculous deals with most teams trying to make up for the big losses.

In the case of Betts, a best-case scenario would be for him to accept a contract extension from the Dodgers. He could be eligible for a one-year extension worth about $18 million, a generous amount he may want to seriously consider than take the risk of negotiating with other teams. Of course, this remains up for debate depending on the run any MLB team is willing to shell out.

Hence if not this 2020, Betts could remain with the Dodgers. The same case holds for other professional baseball stars who were planning to entertain big offers next offseason. This is one of the most-talked-about scenarios with the COVID-19 pandemic in focus, something that has dramatically engulfed the world with most constrained to their homes.

The MLB is not the only sporting league severely affected by the coronavirus. The NBA, NHL and Premier League are just some of the other sports bodies who are left pondering on their future. So far, the soccer world has made it clear that they plan to finish the current season first before starting a new one. But the time element could still change that forecast if the virus persists.