Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the price of Full Self-Driving (FSD) package, currently available at $7,000, will be increased by $1,000, and the jump will take effect starting on July 1. The company chief also hinted that getting the option now is tantamount to making a wise investment because the feature when fully developed would cost over $100,000.

The claim is in line with Musk's insistence that Tesla vehicles will eventually become "appreciating assets," chiefly due to the constantly evolving FSD feature that will be deployed in all models capable of absorbing the add-on. Tesla has indicated that the majority of assembled Tesla models are hardware-ready to accommodate FSD, which for existing owners will be delivered as a software upgrade and over-the-air.

According to Electrek, FSD's present price tag of $8,000 seemed outright expensive, considering that the feature is still a work in progress. That is why accessing it right now when all the promises made by Musk has yet to be fulfilled would be unwise.

However, Tesla owners confident enough that the company will eventually make good on FSD's potential could indeed be looking at a decision they will be thankful later on. As always, Musk made the bold claim of bringing a smart feature with Tesla vehicles that owners can benefit from two ways - they get to enjoy a modern car functionality and possibly earn from it.

Still, the bottom line is for prospective buyers to be cautiously optimistic. It pays to wait a little longer before taking a dip into FSD, but having the feature before it breaches the $100,000 mark is indeed a bargain.

Also, would-be buyers have to be reminded that before reaching that price point, Tesla's FSD package will gradually increase in the years to come, which is something that Musk has already indicated in earlier statements. That should be a guide on what to do when weighing on a decision to get the feature now or a bit later.

In any case, Tesla users, current and future, should manage their expectations. FSD, at the moment, is still far from the feature visualized by Musk. To be sure, having FSD on a Tesla car will not make for a fully autonomous driving vehicle, according to CNET.

The feature is embedded with Autopilot, and the smart functionalities are limited for now. Users will get to enjoy automated features on a number of driving scenarios such as automatic lane changes, automatic stops on a red traffic light, parking assistance, and summoning the car to fetch a user.

In reality, though, FSD still has a long way to go as the technology needs to be developed further. As the same report stressed, Tesla is not yet selling a fully self-driving car, and the same goes for any automakers around the world.