Wellmade Star ENT, the agency handling Lee Sun Bin's acting career is seeking compensation from the Criminal Minds star for promoting in the entertainment industry without their consent. However, the actress maintained that she is not obligated to negotiate through the agency anymore because her contract has already been terminated. 

According to Wellmade Star ENT, Lee Sun Bin initially signed an exclusive contract with their agency in 2016. In 2018, the actress sought the nullification of the contract and filed a lawsuit against the company.The agency claimed that the company was found not guilty, which meant that the actress was still legally tied to the agency under her exclusive contract, All Kpop reported.

In a statement, Wellmade Star ENT demanded that Lee Sun Bin rectify the breach of her exclusive contract by producing documentation of all her professional activities since September 2018 and pay the agency compensation for illegally engaging in these activities.

In Lee Sun Bin's response, which she coursed through her lawyer, she explained that she did not immediately demand to be released from her contract in August 2018. Rather, she sought for transparency regarding her billing and expenses, which the company rejected.

Lee Sun Bin's lawyers explained that the actress filed a certification of contents for documentation about her expenses which required the agency to respond within 14 days. However, the company ignored the certification.

Under the stipulation of her exclusive contract, Lee Sun Bin issued a notice of contract termination which the company did not contest for one year and eight months. Wellmade Star ENT also did not support Lee Sun Bin's career and entertainment activities within this time frame.

Lee Sun Bin's lawyers also claimed that the company's CEO also filed a lawsuit against the actress, claiming that that they never signed an exclusive contract with her and that she forged papers regarding her contract. Lee Sun Bin was reportedly cleared of the charges.

Lee Sun Bin's lawyers also disputed the claims of the agency that the courts ruled in their favor regarding Sun Bin's lawsuit against the CEO for violations of her exclusive contract. They said that matter was still being investigated by prosecutors so the case remains open.

The actress' legal team claimed that the actions being taken by the agency seek to only to ruin her reputation. They added that no matter what verdict is reached on the case of Sun Bin's case against Wellmade Star ENT's CEO,  the trust between the two parties can never be restored.They warned the company that the actress will not back down and file fresh legal charges if they do not cease defamatory actions against her, Soompi reported.