Brad Pitt has been rumored dating or in a relationship with several celebrities over the past years since his split with Angelina Jolie. There were rumors about him and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, Alia Shawkat, or Charlize Theron. Now, rumors have it Pitt is, allegedly, interested to get to know Australian reporter Renee Bargh more. 

New Idea claimed in its latest story that Bargh has been "secretly flirting" with Pitt whenever she interviewed the actor at the red carpet. The tabloid cited an Instagram post of Renee wherein she mentioned the "amazing chemistry" she had with Brad.

A source of the tabloid claimed Renee is very much the type of the Once Upon a Time In Hollywood actor. The insider pointed out that Brad never usually opens up on the red carpet but he usually does it with Renee. The tabloid claimed it's a sign that the actor is impressed by the Extra TV reporter. 

New Idea particularly mentioned the time when Renee interviewed Brad at the 2020 SAG Awards' red carpet. The tabloid claimed that the potential romance between Pitt and Bargh had just been "momentarily halted" by the buzz around the actor's reunion with Aniston at the backstage of SAG. But Brad is allegedly now hoping to start something serious with Bargh. 

The Aussie reporter, however, denied the rumors between her and Pitt during a talk with fellow The Voice Australia host Darren McMullan. During their pre-The Voice Australia finale talk, the two were asked to answer some "spicy questions." 

Darren asked Renee about the most scandalous press story written about her. Bargh replied that it was not scandalous but the funniest was when she was rumored dating Brad Pitt. 

It appeared that the speculations that the two were dating started not in SAG Awards but during the red carpet premiere of Ad Astra last fall. At the time, Renee also had a chance to talk to the actor. 

Moreover, the 33-year-old entertainment reporter also clarified what she meant when she said in one Instagram post that she has "amazing chemistry" with Pitt. During her recent appearance on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, Bargh said it was made as a joke. 

She also dismissed rumors linking her to another Hollywood A-lister, Tom Cruise. Bargh called the rumors "ridiculous," saying she just did a couple of great interviews on a red carpet with Cruise.