Jennifer Aniston and ex-husband Justin Theroux have been divorce since 2017. It was an amicable divorce and they remained friends until now. Some tabloids are making a buzz that Aniston is now keeping an eye on whoever Theroux is dating.

According to the National Enquirer, Aniston and Theroux are playing "cat-and-mouse games" with each other. Jen is, reportedly, taking the extra mile to know everything about the women that Justin has been dating since their divorce. 

The tabloid also claimed Aniston has been getting cozy with Brad Pitt, in an attempt to make Theroux jealous. However, Brad, allegedly, put a brake on all of Jen's hopes of a rekindled relationship. 

A source of the tabloid claimed Aniston was enjoying making the Leftovers actor jealous but Pitt quickly stopped it. Allegedly, It crashed Jen's ego. 

Gossip Cop debunked the rumor, saying it has been long clarified that Brad and Jen are not back together. They had several run-ins over the past years and the Ad Astra actor also attended some parties Aniston had hosted including her birthday parties. But that's all about it. They are just friends. 

In addition, Gossip Cop reached out to Aniston's rep, who assured that it was a ridiculous rumor. The rep stressed the Friends actress is not spying on her second ex-husband, nor is she attempting to make him jealous by getting close to her first ex-husband.

The publication also pointed out how the National Enquirer changed sides on its story about Aniston and Theroux. Its latest story suggested that Jen is still interested in Justin. But in January, it claimed Aniston wanted Theroux out of her life despite the fact that the actor showed support to Jen when she launched her Instagram account a few months ago. 

The publication also noted how the National Enquirer is fond of twisting stories about Aniston and her past lovers. Earlier this year, it alleged that Aniston and Pitt are starting over together after the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor offered a heartfelt apology for how their marriage had ended.

Aside from Pitt and Theroux, Aniston has been rumored earlier this year to dating again another ex, John Mayer. Earlier this year, OK! claimed Jen was dating Pitt, Theroux, and Mayer all at the same time. It alleged that the Murder Mystery actress has been enjoying the company of all three.