It's no secret that LeBron James plays for a team so he can win the NBA title. That was the case with Miami and Cleveland and so will be for the Lakers. The King is hoping to get his fourth NBA ring in Los Angeles and there is a big chance he'd end up disappointed.

Sure, there is no sign at the moment that says the Lakers starring James will fall short of the goal to win the championship. The team is the best in the west when the games are resumed in Orlando, and James plus Anthony Davis are in perfect fighting form heading to the NBA season restart.

However, Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports is not too optimistic. The analyst feared that while James is ready to exert superman efforts for the Orlando games, he will run out of steam and when it does, there is not enough help to call.

The Lakers losing Avery Bradley for the restart was quite a blow and Cowherd said James will surely miss a big hand he could use for the mission.

"LeBron's not gonna win the Championship ... They're not winning, because they just lost Avery Bradley," Fadeaway World reported the Fox journalist as saying.

Cowherd pointed out that the King appeared in nine NBA Finals and went home heartbroken on six occasions, and those were the times that James needed support and badly. They never came.

In contrast, the three NBA crowns that James won saw him playing with a solid crew, twice with the Heat and once with the Cavaliers. It was a simple formula for James to win - he did the heavy lifting and his teammates boosted him. So they won.

Cowherd said he's not seeing the same happening with the Lakers this season, and James can only blame a squad that the analyst described as lacking in talent. James and AD are a terrific tandem but the help will stop there, added the Fox journalist.

If the forecast will prove correct then it is an ominous picture for James moving forward. For the Lakers superstar, this is like the last dance, the best chance for him to grab that fourth title and the likelihood is, another shot isn't forthcoming.

That is the reading offered by Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo Sports, who argued that father time is catching up on the 35-year-old NBA star, and fast. Rohrbach said the Lakers missing the bullseye this season will deny James any further attempts to lift the Larry O'Brien.

The King will enter the next season at 36 and he will be surrounded by a crew with members that are aging mostly except Davis. A rebuild next campaign is not an assurance that the desired result will be achieved so for James, it's best to give his all for what could prove as the final shot.

For perspective, Rohrbach noted Michael Jordan was 34 when he captured his sixth NBA title and the success stopped there.