Demi Moore has been sharing photos from her home in Hailey, Idaho where she and her children as well as ex-husband Bruce Willis spent months in lockdown. All is well until she posted recently a couple of photos of her in her bathroom and social media users were shocked. 

Moore shared new photos of her as she announced that her new podcast, Dirty Diana, will premiere on July 13. She showed how she has been working on the project while working on her laptop and sitting on a floral couch. 

The first photo showed Moore smiling at her computer while on a Zoom call. She was sitting on a floral sofa which sits on a brown carpet that covers the entire floor of the room. Behind Demi is a sink and a vanity table that has various beauty products and a white hand sculpture holding a face mask.

However, the comments that Demi's post received indicated that her 1.8 million followers were more interested in her bathroom interior design and decor than her podcast announcement. Many noticed and commented on how the Ghost actress bathroom looks like and on how eccentric it was set up. One even said Moore's bathroom horrifying decor "disturbed" her soul. 

Some mentioned how odd the bathroom looks, particularly the brown carpet that covers the entire floor including around the toilet. Many pointed out how unhygienic to have carpet surrounding a toilet. One added that this won't be the next big trend even if it comes from the G.I. Jane actress. 

Social media users also immediately noticed that the couch was set up in the bathroom based on the toilet and bathtub that were caught on camera. But many also mentioned that the floral couch could have temporarily moved it to the bathroom for Moore's work because, in the previous photo that the actress shared, the sofa was seen in another room. 

As for the decors, one Twitter user zoomed in and crapped a monkey doll that was stuck in the brick wall beside the toilet. Another noticed one more monkey doll peeking out beneath an orchid on the table. 

Another also took note of the armored statue that is standing at the foot of the bathtub. It can be noted that this wasn't the first time the same statue was seen in Moore's photo. Back in October, Demi shared a photo of her in a bathtub and the entire Joan of Arc statue in an armor suit was visible behind her.  

Despite the mostly negative comments about her bathroom, some of Demi Moore fans find reasons why the actress needs to do a DIY home podcast recording studio in his particular room in her mansion. One said this could be the only quiet room in the house where she can record her podcast or simply have privacy when doing Zoom calls.