Kate Middleton talked about her kids in an interview aired on BBC Breakfast. The Duchess of Cambridge spoke to other parents on the grounds of Sandringham House, Norfolk, and revealed Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have "bottomless pits."

Kate said her three children with Prince William are always on a lookout for food, and she's like a "feeding machine" that continuously feeds them. Over the years, the future queen consort has disclosed some of the kids' favorite food.

According to Hello! Magazine, the Cambridge kids love cheesy pasta and homemade pizza. Little Prince Louis is also fond of beetroot, which inspired one of Mary Berry's recipes during a Christmas TV special last year.

The 38-year-old royal also disclosed one thing about her youngest son. Amid the strict rule of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Prince Louis finds it hard to distance himself from anything.

Kate revealed the 2-year-old kid wanted to "cuddle everything" when they were out and about, especially when he saw babies younger than him. Also, as this child also loves running everywhere, he will be off to anywhere when they put him down. At an early age, Prince Louis already has the ability to run at speed.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail added that Kate also talked about BBC's Tiny Happy People initiative, which provides free sources to parents. Supported by the Royal Foundation, she finds this drive's online platform like a "gold dust" for all the dads and moms.

She even wished that something like this should have been available when she was a first-time mother to Prince George. Tiny Happy People provides resources even during pregnancy and when the baby is born.

It will teach the parents about a newborn baby's physical development. However, as a keen advocate of mental health, Kate said it lacks the support on how to further their "emotional and mental development," which she believes they need some assistance.

Talking about the coronavirus lockdown, Prince William's wife described it as both "positive and tough" situation. It is a challenge for them as they get the extra time with the kids, but admitted it is also "equally stressful." They find themselves confined in spaces. 

Also, homeschooling is a big challenge. Although she already has high respect for teachers before, Kate said she has "newfound respect" for them now. Now that they are about to return to work as the lockdown measures are starting to ease, the new challenge she has to face is to balance her will to work and desire to spend more time with the family.