The race for a COVID-19 vaccine continues. Some Asian countries may be on the front line for getting supplies from the West.

Philippines to Cooperate with Russia in Vaccine Trials

Russia has offered to supply the Philippines with doses of a vaccine in the works and the Philippines is prepared to cooperate in clinical trials, the Malacanang Palace said Tuesday.

The Palace said cooperation between countries working on a vaccine and nations willing to further studies "is key to effectively combating this global pandemic."

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said earlier the country's first coronavirus vaccine may come from China. It isn't known when the Russia trials will start.

After Record Daily Rise Philippines Nears 140,000 Cases

On Tuesday the Philippines reported 2,987 new confirmed coronavirus cases bringing the national infection toll to 139,538. Monday saw a record rise in new daily cases with 6,958 infections reported. The number of active cases is 68,794.

The Philippines is the worst affected in Southeast Asia. It has surpassed China in the total number of cases since the outbreak.

Indonesia's Red and White Vaccine

The Sinovac vaccine is in the works in cooperation with China and Indonesia health experts.

Another vaccine is also being worked on, according to President Joko Widodo. The Red and White vaccine is being developed entirely by Indonesia institutions.

The Indonesia institutions developing the vaccine are the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency, the Agency for the Assessment and Application Technology, the Ministry of Research and Technology and the Eijkman Institution. The Indonesian Institute of Sciences and other universities are involved, too.

As of Monday, Indonesia had reported 127,083 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 5,765 deaths. It is the second-worst affected country in Southeast Asian.

Da Nang Hospital Lockdown Lifted

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, the lockdown of the Da Nang Rehabilitation and Orthopedics Hospital was lifted Tuesday morning with nurses, doctors and other health care workers celebrating.

The hospital was among several institutions placed on lockdown after a resurgence in new coronavirus cases. It is the second hospital reopened in the "lockdown zone." C Hospital's lockdown was lifted last week.

Da Nang's Center for Disease Control said residents, nurses and other doctors within the lockdown zone will self-quarantine at home for 14 more days.

Vietnam's efforts against the coronavirus are considered among the most effective in Southeast Asia. It has recorded 847 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 15 deaths since the outbreak.