Princess Beatrice was at Waitrose in London to do some grocery shopping with her stepson, Wolfie. The four-year-old boy obediently followed the princess as she did errands around the shop. 

The royal had a medical grade face mask on as she and Wolfie stepped out of the store as they completed buying what they needed. Princess Beatrice's husband, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, was waiting for them inside a parked car just directly outside the store.

Witnesses saw that Princess Beatrice carefully assisted Wolfie as the boy got up the backseat. The royal then slid to the front next to her husband, who did the driving duties for his wife for a second time this week. 

Last week, Princess Beatrice was also seen at The Little White Company to pick up a present. Edo had been waiting for her at the street parking as well. The royal also picked up a bag of organic stuff at another store while her husband remained at the wheel.

According to Daily Mail, Princess Beatrice and Edo look very settled into their happy married life after two months of marriage. Wolfie continues to be an important part of their lives, just as when Princess Beatrice's first took the serious steps with Edo in their relationship. 

Wolfie was the best man in their small-scale wedding last July 17. Sources said the York princess embraces her stepson in her life without any trouble or problems. Friends of the York royal told People that she is a very hands-on stepmom to Wolfie. 

She makes sure to have plenty of pictures of Wolfie with his dad in their home because Princess Beatrice reportedly wants the boy to always feel he has two families who loves him. The York royal also instigated having a good relationship with Wolfie's mom, Dara Huang. 

The source added that Edo is quite an involved dad as well and makes sure to tuck his son in at night if he's staying over with them. His relationship with the boy's mother is also okay. Prior to their marriage and before the pandemic crisis, Beatrice, Edo and Wolfie have had family vacations.

The friend said that these choices are a testament to just how caring Beatrice is. The happiness of her stepson is a priority but the friend cannot wait for the princess and Edo to have their own children someday as well. If Princess Beatrice and Edo start a family, their children will be in the British line of succession.