After breaking his silence over his leaked nude photo on Instagram stories, Chris Evan opened up about the incident. The 39-year-old actor managed to handle the issue very well, thanking his fans for their tremendous support. 

In an interview with Tamron Hall, Evans admitted he wasn't pleased to accidentally share his privates. Although he couldn't deny that he was pretty embarrassed with what happened, he had now moved on. 

For Evans, "it was an interesting weekend" filled with a lot of lessons learned. He also saw "a lot of teachable moments" after what occurred, Celebrity Insider noted.

Indeed, it was an embarrassing moment, but he said things just happened. He continued he had to deal with it and was "very thankful" to fans who remained by his side through it all. 

Evans' interview came after he broke his silence on social media and made a tweet to address the issue. The 39-year-old star had the best response that didn't only concern him but the whole nation.

He took advantage of the attention he received to share a very important message. In a tweet, he said now that the focus was on him, he asked everyone to vote on Nov. 3. 

The Avengers star let a few days passed before he commented about the controversy, which began when he shared a family video, playing Heads Up with his brother, Scott Evans. As the clip was a screen recording, it revealed a glimpse of his camera roll when it playing. 

It then surprisingly showed a thumbnail photo of his private, which he quickly deleted. But, knowing how the internet works, it instantly got receipt and screenshots of it went viral. 

HollywoodLife stressed that, since the photo didn't show any face or body, there was no way to confirm whose body part it belonged to or whose camera roll it was. People just started to get wild, assuming it was Evans'.

His fellow Marvel Cinema Universe actor, Mark Ruffalo, came to Evans' defense. He made a tweet about the incident and tried to make light of it by saying he should never feel embarrassed as long as Donald Trump was the U.S. president and in the White House.

Just like Ruffalo, according to Entertainment Weekly, Evans was also vocal on issues about politics. In fact, he recently launched the bipartisan site, A Starting Point, to pave the way for the public officials and citizens to talk about a wide array of issues.

He even told People, via EW, that playing the role of Captain America had something to do with his activism. He said there were a lot of things that he could do as an actor with his name. And just like his trademark role, he is politically involved and deeply cares about his country's people.