A quarter of people in Britain don't want to live next door to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a survey has revealed.

U.K. residents were asked in the survey from fundraiser Omaze about celebrity neighbors and a substantial number said they didn't want a house near the high-profile Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The respondents also said they don't like Piers Morgan as a neighbor. Morgan has been a staunch critic of Prince Harry and Meghan on his show Good Morning Britain. 

Many Brits also think living beside politicians might be a nightmare. At least 28% said no to becoming neighbors with Prime Minister Boris Johnson while other personalities they shunned included reality TV star Gemma Collins, singer) Kerry Katona and Oasis band member Liam Gallagher.

Instead, the respondents said they want to live next door to U.K. TV's best baking mom Mary Berry and refreshing presenter Holly Willoughby. They think that Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan would make the best celebrity couple neighbors. 

James Oakes, Omaze's senior vice president, said that getting along with one's neighbors is "high on everyone's agenda," especially when faced with potential lockdowns. The platform launched the survey for its house giveaway to help raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust in the U.K. The raffle winner could land a million-pound home in Cheshire. 

It comes as reports said Harry and Markle's neighbors in Montecito are "super annoyed" about the deluge of paparazzi in their once peaceful town. According to TMZ, photographers and tabloid press reporters circle in helicopters around the neighborhood up to four times a day just to catch the Sussexes in public places. 

Harry and Markle's new home is close to other high-profile but private celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. Occasionally, the paparazzi also catch Orlando Bloom surfing at the beach because he and Katy Perry have a house in the area, too.

According to royal watcher Katie Nicholl, the Sussex pair is highly aware of the paparazzi presence so they are "keeping a low profile." However, the couple have had a chance to check out their neighborhood and have made pit-stops at In-N-Out Burger. But Nicholl said not to expect Harry and Markle out on the nearby beaches because they know that the photographers will be there.

Harry and Markle scored a $15 million mansion formerly owned by Russian business owner Sergey Grishin. The sprawling property has its own outdoor pool, tennis court and children's playground. The couple moved into the mansion in July.