Lady Gaga is dropping a new video for another single from her Chromatica album. But, the "911" track seemed to be having a short film instead of a usual music video. 

Lady Gaga teased on her social media account on Thursday that she will be dropping a video for "911" on September 18 at 9 a.m. PT. As soon as the teaser photos came out, Gaga's Little Monsters shared their thoughts about the upcoming content. 

Many said they have the feeling that it's going to have visuals like "Bad Romance" based on the photos Gaga's shared on Twitter. The singer, so far, posted two pictures of her wearing a white and pink gown and a red mask that covers her eyes. 

She also retweeted an old post from 2013 and her fans were puzzled about what it meant. In the old post, Lady Gaga wrote, "A POP MUSIC EMERGENCY IS UNDERWAY 911.″

The "Rain On Me" hitmaker first performed "911" as part of her three-track medley at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards. Since then, there have been speculations that the song will be the next single from the singer's sixth LP. 

In her recent interview with Billboard, Gaga confirmed she filmed last month a video for "911." The A Star Is Born actress said she felt so alive making the video than at any other point during the whole process of making Chromatica, which was released in May. 

Gaga explained that the upcoming track is about the battle between mind and body. The title was in reference to her antipsychotic medication and her mental health. 

The "Shallow" singer admitted that filming the "911" video required her to revisit the dark hole she was in when she wrote it. Gaga said she didn't slip back down to the same hole when she chose to shake it off and refocus on her work. 

In the same interview, Lady Gaga talked more about her mental health and how it was affected by stardom. The 37-year singer-songwriter said she used to get depressed from waking up and remembering she was Lady Gaga. 

Meanwhile, "Poker Face" hitmaker will dive deeper into the issue of her mental health in an interview with Lee Cowan for CBS Sunday Morning. In a preview of the upcoming sit-down interview, Gaga showed the piano she used to write many of her hit songs but added it also ruined her life. 

The Grammy winner will also be talking about her suicidal thoughts and how members of her household keep an eye on her to make sure she's safe. The CBS interview will air on September 20.