Prince Charles once planned on doing his own royal exit with Camilla Parker-Bowles that would have opened the doors for Prince William to take over the Crown after Queen Elizabeth. 

According to New Idea, the Prince of Wales apparently thought of giving up his royal life and moving to Tuscany, Italy with his paramour, Camilla, at the height of their affair. This meant leaving Princess Diana all alone to prepare Prince William for the throne. 

Princess Diana believed this as a fact after her astrologers told her that this is what her husband wanted. Prince Charles apparently planned on owning a farm in Tuscany, where he and Camilla could spend the rest of their life in quiet bliss. 

A source said it's not impossible to believe that this is what the Prince of Wales longed for. The royal was said to be growing increasingly frustrated at being the "longest-serving King-in-waiting" and wanted to enjoy his twilight years in a farm. Diana's astrologer said that the move to Italy was his way out of his royal destiny and duty.

The wind changed, however, following the death of Princess Diana. Over the years, Prince Charles stayed put and dutifully carried out his role as the heir to the throne.

In recent weeks, Prince Charles signalled that he is ready to become the king when he made the biggest decision to give up the 1,000 acre farmland, Home Farm, in Gloucestershire. 

The Prince of Wales owned and toiled Home Farm for over 35 years. He established the Duchy Originals brand with products from this farm, which supplied Waitrose.  

But, Prince Charles decided not to renew the lease for Home Farm for 2021. According to reports, the heir to the throne could not commit to another 20 years of farming because he is going to be the King of England. 

In recent weeks, Prince Charles has been ramping up his call to return to basics with food production while pushing for climate activism. The Prince of Wales said that the public needs to learn lessons from the coronavirus pandemic and take action on the changes in the environment. 

Speaking at the virtual Climate Week summit, Prince Charles said that the world has this window of opportunity, following coronavirus, to reset and relearn sustainable practices, such as farming, that will benefit the future. He said that the coronavirus has been a wake-up call which business and economic leaders of the world must not ignore.