Apple Watch Series 3 users experience random reboots and other bugs after updating to watchOS 7.

Apple recently released watchOS 7 to the general public, giving them a taste of new features like sleep tracking support, fresh watch faces, and many more. Users of old Apple Watch models from Apple Watch Series 3, were able to download and install the update. Some users of Apple Watch Series 3, however, reported a series of issues since downloading and installing the watchOS 7 update. Some of these issues include poor performance, random reboots, and many more.

In the Apple Watch Series 3 thread on Apple's support forums, several Apple Watch Series 3 owners aired their frustration at the performance of their devices since they downloaded and installed watchOS 7. Many owners also complained about their Apple Watch Series 3 going through random reboots several times and experiencing many other bugs after updating to watchOS 7.

One of the users wrote in the thread that he experienced several random reboots per day on his Apple Watch Series 3 since updating it to watchOS 7. "I have never experienced a problem like this before on my Series 3 running watchOS 6 or earlier versions. Surely Apple must have a supplementary update to address this issue?" wrote the user in the Apple Watch Series 3 thread on the support forum of Apple.

Some Apple Watch Series 3 users even refer to the watchOS 7 update as "the worst" released by Apple. "My Series 3 finished its automatic update to watchOS 7overnight. Today it has gone through random reboots at least 3 times, and also locked itself while on my wrist around 4 times. Furthermore, it failed to load complications on multiple faces (weather, activity rings, date, etc) and have disconnected from my iPhone at least two times. This is the buggiest upgrade I have ever seen," one of the users in the thread wrote.


There is also a thread on MacRumors Forums dedicated to Apple Watch Series 3 owners. Like in Apple's support forums, Apple Watch Series 3 owners in a thread on MacRumors Forum also voiced their frustration with the watchOS 7 update. The complaints range from their devices having laggy performances to random reboots and so much more.

Users say two things make them even more exasperated. First, there is no way for them to downgrade after updating their Apple Watch Series 3 to watchOS 7 from watchOS 6. While it is true that Apple released watchOS 7.0.1 update recently to address the buggy issues, users say it did not solve the problems of random reboots and poor performances.

Secondly, the Apple Watch Series 3 is still sold by Apple as part of its Apple Watch listing, even though the aging hardware is struggling to carry on with the new watchOS 7 features. The buggy issues with Apple Watch Series 3 after its update to watchOS 7, like random reboots and laggy performance can impact future software updates like watchOS 8 for Apple's smartwatch.

It is not yet clear how widespread are the issues of random reboots and laggy performance when it comes to Apple Watch Series 3 running on watchOS 7. Looking at the huge number of complaints, however, it might be safe to assume that Apple is already looking into the problems.