Singapore Airlines has decided to scrap its experimental "flights to nowhere" and instead try out a distinct aviation experience which would still allow customers to experience its flight service, albeit on the tarmac.  

Singapore Airlines is looking to convert one of its parked jumbo aircraft into a restaurant in a bid to attract travel-hungry citizens of the island nation by offering home-delivered plane delicacies. Diners can also opt to dine onboard the plane.

The first-class plane-food home delivery scheme is part of Singapore Air's Discover Your Singapore Airlines efforts to re-engage customers who've been restricted from traveling as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Diners on the jumbo jet at Singapore's Changi Airport can select a cabin accommodation where food is served with two alcoholic beverage and other onboard drinks.

A tour of the plane, including in the airlines' training centers, is provided free for customers before they partake of their meals that are only available from Oct. 24-25. An in-flight entertainment is also available while diners are enjoying their food on the Airbus A380, the biggest commercial jet in the world.

With the absence of a local network, Singapore's national airline has been financially impacted by limitations on international flight capacities and has rendered nearly a fifth of its personnel jobless.

The company disclosed that it came up with these ideas after initiating a market research and an evaluation that assessed factors like financial capability and implications on the environment.

According to Singapore Airlines chief executive Goh Choon Phong, there has been a growing interest in the carrier's customer engagement measures in the last few weeks, "and I would like to thank everyone for their great ideas and suggestions," the Straits Times quoted him as saying.

With the global aviation sector still reeling from the ill effects of the pandemic, many airlines – including in Australia, Taiwan, and Japan – have been offering short travel packages that begin and end at the same airport in hopes to make money.