Billions season 6 has been officially renewed on Showtime. On Thursday, October 1, the network confirmed that the drama series is coming back for another installment. However, viewers may need to wait for a while as the show won't be returning anytime soon.

Despite being officially renewed, the official release date of Billions season 6 remains uncertain as of this writing. It can be noted that this fifth installment hasn't been completed. The remaining episodes will be aired first before proceeding in the next chapter of the story.

The series is currently in midseason hiatus, and the second half of season 5 is expected to arrive sometime in 2021. A lot of stories are needed to be covered here, considering what happened in the midseason finale, which aired on May 3.

Right now, the series hasn't resumed production for the remaining episodes. But, it is believed that the show could start filming again before the year ends. If the series will, indeed, return in 2021, then the next installment will likely follow.

As for who's coming back in Billions season 6, Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis are expected to reprise their roles Chuck Rhoades and Bobby "Axe" Axelrod, respectively. Other returning cast members include Roma Maffia as Mary Ann Gramm, Asia Kate Dillon as Taylor Mason, and Maggie Siff as Wendy Rhoades.

Also, it was confirmed that Corey Stoll has been promoted as a series regular in the new season. The actor plays the role of Mike Prince, a social impact pioneer. He's a recurring character in the fifth installment and it seems like he'll have a significant role moving forward.

Mike is a business tycoon who hails in the small town of Indiana. Just like Axe, Mike is a billionaire but he doesn't share his opponent's ideologies. The character views the world through the perspective of an impact investor. This is something that doesn't resonate well with Axe's vision.

Mike proved to be a significant threat to Axe's dominance. Now that the character is a series regular in Billions season 6, he could further shake-up the latter's world. Aside from dealing with Chuck, Lewis' character needs to deal with Mike moving forward.

There is no trailer for the Billions season 6 since filming hasn't started yet. But, the story will follow the events in season 5 once it concluded. In the midseason finale, Axelrod and Chuck's rivalry reignited. The latter was in the middle of a feud with district attorney Mary Ann.