Millions of Europeans have been restricted over the past few days. Italy is preparing to impose new pandemic measures while France and the U.K. are implementing new restrictions to keep the coronavirus at bay.

Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte gave mayors and local government officials the authority Sunday to close public parks from 9 p.m. to prevent social gatherings as he enforced new measures to stop an increase in coronavirus infections.

According to Conte, Italy can't waste time and "must act by setting in place the necessary measures to avert a new generalized lockdown," Wanted in Rome News quoted the prime minister as saying, as health authorities underscored three policies: wearing of face coverings, proper and thorough washing of hands and physical distancing.

Italy officials may order restaurants and nightclubs to close at 10 p.m., prohibit sporting activities and reschedule class hours for high schools to prevent congestion. Italy reported a record 11,705 new COVID infections Sunday - registering the third day virus cases rose above 10,000.

A decision to shut down fitness centers and swimming pools is scheduled for later this week. Community events and local fairs are restricted. However, national and international exhibits are still allowed. Bingo halls, betting stores and amusement arcades must close by 10 p.m.

As daily cases in the country hit records, the prime minister said the situation had become very serious but his government was concentrated on not having to repeat lockdowns enforced at the beginning of the outbreak in March. Conte said the government was managing the situation but everyone must do their part, he said during a news briefing.

Italy clamped down on parties and entertaining guests at home last week. In London, new restrictions took effect that prohibit mixing indoors. In Paris and other cities people were ordered to be at home from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.