Prince William and Prince Harry once lived together in a rented house for a year and closely bonded during their training for their helicopter license.

The Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex were always very close and leaned on each other ever since they lost their mom, Princess Diana, at such a young age. But, when they were 27 and 24 years old, respectively, Harry and William lived and took care of each other while attending the Defence Helicopter Flying School.

According to Daily Express, Prince William liked poking fun at Prince Harry's bad habits when they were bachelors. Apparently, the younger royal brother didn't have many skills in the kitchen and relied on William for food.

William said that he didn't mind cooking for his brother but he expected Harry to clean up in the kitchen. Harry, apparently, does some of the work only, while consistently leaving his older brother to clean up after him in the morning.

The Duke of Cambridge also revealed that Harry snores so loud and joked that he's had sleepless nights because of this. Horrified, Harry remarked in the interview that the people might think they sleep in the same bed.

These days, however, the Duke of Cambridge and Sussex are no longer spending time together or bonding as they did before. In October 2019, Prince Harry told reporters that he and his brother are on "different paths," to seemingly address rumors that they've been having a long-standing feud.

The brothers' rift, apparently, started even before Harry married Meghan Markle in May 2018. Reports stated that William didn't want his brother to rush into his relationship with the Hollywood actress but his caution was apparently misconstrued as a criticism and an objection.

Following his wedding to Meghan, Harry also split from the joint charity he established with his brother and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, in the middle of last year. This set forth events that led to Harry and Meghan stepping back from their royal roles and leaving London for the U.S.

But, Harry, who is now based in California since the pandemic, is apparently speaking more to William in the months since he left his homeland. Royal expert Katie Nicholl said that living far apart from each other brought some good things for the brothers.

However, Nicholl also said that it will be a while before the brothers will bond and joke about each other again. But, it's a step in the right direction if they are in touch and on speaking terms.