The ex-butler of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is speaking up anew about how he covered for the Prince of Wales' affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. Paul Burrell dishes more stories on how Lady Di would often ask him about his husband's whereabouts when everybody knew he's been spending time with his paramour.

In the newly released two-part ITV documentary, The Diana Interview: Revenge Of A Princess, Burrell said that Prince Charles apparently lived like a single man while married to Princess Diana. During the week, he preferred to stay at his other house, Highgrove in Gloucestershire while his wife mostly lived in Kensington Palace. She would drive down to Highgrove with her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, for the weekend.

Burrell served the royal family for over two decades and observed that Prince Charles had two different lives in Highgrove. Apparently, his wife began to wonder what he's really doing away from Kensington and started calling Burrell during the week.

Burrell said that when Diana started asking, he advised her to ask her husband herself. The truth was that while Prince Charles often dined alone at Highgrove, he was also always out to see Camilla.

A royal insider also revealed in the documentary that everyone lied to Princess Diana to cover up for Princess Charles. People might have accused her of being paranoid but no one told her the truth in the 10 years she stayed married to the future king.

Princess Diana's former astrologer and friend Penny Thornton also opened up in the documentary and said that the Princess of Wales was told from the very beginning by the man she was to marry that he does not love her. Devastated, Thorton said that Princess Diana had second thoughts about going through with her royal wedding.

James Colthurst, a friend of Lady Di, also said that she became "incensed" about this feeling that there is a cover-up, which led to her fits of anger and destructiveness. Her biggest fear was that she will be gagged during the divorce settlement from Prince Charles thus she told her infamous side of the story to BBC's Panorama with Martin Bashir.

The Diana Interview: Revenge Of A Princess also follows the allegations that Bashir abused the Princess of Wales' vulnerability after new revelations came to light from princess' own brother, Earl Charles Spencer. In a recent two-part post on Twitter, Earl Spencer accused the corporation, the show and Bashir of dishonesty in securing that historic interview with his sister.

Meanwhile, Clarence House nor Buckingham Palace have not made a statement on behalf of Prince Charles about these recent developments with BBC.