Prince Charles does not have any view about Netflix's The Crown and will not likely watch the fourth season, especially since the royal drama's latest storyline will zero in on his troubled marriage to Princess Diana. The Prince of Wales' second wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, on the other hand, apparently watches the series.

Sources close to Prince Charles said that he never had any interest in watching the prestige drama from the beginning. The friend went on to say that the Prince of Wales has not watched even one episode of The Crown and he likely doesn't have any idea about what's coming out this in the latest season.

But, Camilla will likely tune in to the show's fourth season with a glass of red wine, knowing the latest storyline. The Crown season 4 introduces Princess Diana's character and the love triangle involving the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl told Vanity Fair that the Duchess of Cornwall has a wonderful sense of humor about herself that she will not likely fuss about the show. A source confirmed that Camilla has seen the previous season but, like Prince Charles, she holds no strong opinions about it.

Some scenes in the latest episodes feature Prince Charles verbally abusing Princess Diana over his affair with Camilla. The Crown also shows the eating disorder of the late princess as a cry for help over her imploding marriage to the heir to the throne.

Friends of Prince Charles apparently resent the Netflix drama for its complete disregard of the real-life people portrayed in the series. There is a growing concern that the public might believe the depiction of Prince Charles or Camilla, and the rest of the characters, as accurate and truthful.

Long-time royal author Penny Junor believes that Prince Charles will be incredibly upset at the horrible and unfair portrayal of his family. Another source said that Prince Charles has watched at least a few episodes and thinks that the series paints an "unflattering light" on him. But, more than that, he's reportedly concerned about the depiction of his first wife's struggles.

One former insider, however, thinks that The Crown season 4 is the best of the series. According to Paul Burrell, who served Prince Charles and Princess Diana as the butler, the show is an "accurate dramatization" of the royal family drama that could raise the alarm at Buckingham Palace because it's close to the truth.