The Los Angeles Clippers are looking to shore up their point guard position and several names have surfaced. Kris Dunn is one of them and the Clips could be in a good position to land the 26-year-old guard.

The Chicago Bulls will reportedly not offer Dunn a qualifying offer, NBC Sports reported. If this holds, it means that Dunn will be another free agent to watch. With the Clippers known to have interest in Dunn in the past, this could be the opportunity they are waiting for. But is it the right one?

 The Bulls have made things simpler for Dunn and teams who plan to take him in. Had the 5th overall pick of the 2015 NBA Draft been given a contract extension, he would have become a restricted free agent.


However, is Dunn the guard that the Clippers are looking for? He is known for his defensive qualities but Los Angeles is looking for someone who can do well on both ends. Patrick Beverley had the same role but the offense was the part that most felt was lacking.

Looking at Dunn’s performance last season, his numbers are hardly eye-catching. He averaged 7.3 points, 3.6 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game and did not exactly have a good shooting clip from the field.

Also, it should be worth mentioning that Dunn suffered a second MCL back in February. This raises questions on his durability, tied to his next deal and length of stay. If he is taken in by the Clippers, he could end up being a backup to whoever starts.

Beverley, assuming he is still around could be that guy. However several big names have been linked to the Clippers. That includes Chris Paul although that option is now moot.

Paul is headed to the Phoenix Suns, crossing him out of the Clippers’ wish list. Rajon Rondo, who opted out of his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers looms as the next best target for the Clips. With the purple and gold on the cusp of getting Dennis Schroder, the two-time NBA champion could end up with the Lakers’ cross-town rivals.

The Clippers will have plenty of options either from the 2020 NBA Draft or free agency. After a disappointing year, the point guard position is something that needs addressing if the Clippers want to do better this 2020-21 season.