Apple said that they spared no effort in improving the camera on its iPhone 12 Pro Max and today, a Halide developer referred to its capability as 'mind-blowing.'

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 family on October 13 during its 'Hi, Speed' event, officials said they have made a lot of improvements on the device, which include its camera and other capabilities. Apple officials were spot on when they said the camera on the new lineup, particularly the iPhone 12 Pro Max model, is their best so far as it can capture videos and photos with quality closely similar to that of a DSLR camera. The improvement was, in fact, so huge that it prompted the developer of Halide, a popular camera app, to say that it is 'mind-blowing,' at the very least.

Sebastiaan de With, a Halide developer, tested the capabilities of the new iPhone 12 Pro Max camera to see whether Apple officials were merely exaggerating claims when they unveiled the new iOS device along with other iPhone 12 models. The developer was so impressed with the camera's capabilities that he called the improvements 'mind-blowing.' De With also published an in-depth review of Apple's new iPhone 12 Pro Max camera and its 'mind-blowing' capabilities on his blog. The Halide developer also painstakingly described the features on the new 6.7-inch iPhone and how he put them to the test. You can check out the Halide developer's blog for more detailed information on the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera capabilities.  The developer, who is also a photographer, usually shares his opinions and thoughts on new technologies that Apple uses whenever they release a new device. For instance, he noted that one of the major differences between the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro camera is that the latter has a bigger sensor, which he estimates is around 47% larger compared to previous models. This allows the new iPhone 12 to let in more light to minimize noise and boost sharpness. It is only one of the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera features that impressed the developer, prompting him to declare its capabilities as 'mind-blowing.'  He said that in broad daylight, the difference between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max cameras in both photo and video quality does not show a huge difference but in low light conditions, you will see that the bigger sensor of the Pro Max allows it to capture more detail. When comparing two low-light shots, users will see why the Halide developer called the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera improvements 'mind-blowing.' He did note, however, that the computational photography feature of the new iPhone appeared to tone down its improvements. De With said that when he shot in RAW, which does not have any noise reduction, the developer said that the device showed off a "huge leap ahead in image quality."

You can visit the Halide blog to read the full article by de With and his opinion on the camera improvements and capabilities of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If you are into iPhone photography, the article is worth reading. As de With said, the results he got were simply 'mind-blowing.'