Queen Elizabeth or members of the royal family might not openly admit that they follow The Crown, the Netflix drama series about their lives. One of the Queen's grandsons, however, recently confessed that he's been catching up on the show, and he's especially intrigued by season 4.

Mike Tindall, whose wife is Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter Zara Phillips Tindall, revealed in his podcast show that he follows the critically-acclaimed drama series. But Mike revealed he needs to catch up since he's still in the middle of the third season.

The former rugby star said that he's been seeing the ads of the series everywhere and knows that people on daytime talk shows are talking about The Crown. Mike said that he is curious about the fourth season because it has storylines that most people know about.

However, Mike said that it's also going to be difficult to watch The Crown season 4 when people have plenty of opinions about it. Zara's husband said that viewers have to be reminded that the show is dramatized fiction.

The new installment finally introduces the most popular member of the royal family, Princess Diana. The drama takes the viewers from 1980 through 1990, a decade marked by Princess Diana's tragic marriage to the Queen's heir, Prince Charles, Zara's uncle.

Since the new season's launch on Nov. 15, royal supporters of Prince Charles have criticized the show for its unfair characterization of the Prince of Wales. His Royal Highness, on the other hand, apparently expressed to friends his concerns over his first wife's portrayal. Royal expert Russel Myers said that Prince Charles is not interested in watching the series.

In 2019, The Crown actress Olivia Colman, who plays Queen Elizabeth, revealed on The Graham Norton show that Prince William personally told her he doesn't watch the program. Colman said that he was at a dinner with the Duke of Cambridge, and their meeting "didn't go very well."

She had been excited about her role as the Queen and was eager to find out if Prince William watches the show. Colman said, however, that the royal gave her a firm no.

Mike's mother-in-law, Princess Anne, has also gone on record as not a fan of the series. But she was surprised to learn that the actress playing her, Erin Doherty, takes two hours of preparation for her hair and makeup.

However, Mike might not be the only member of the royal family who's been tuning in. Over the years, there have been talks that Princess Eugenie, Zara's cousin, also follows the show while the Queen's youngest son Prince Edward and his wife Sophie apparently have weekend viewings of The Crown.