A suspected rapist forgot to log out of his Facebook account on a cellphone he gave a 15-year old girl in Davao City, Philippines as a "gift" after raping the teenager this week for "violating a curfew."

The brother of the victim showed the suspect's cell phone with the Facebook account still open to local radio news station Brigada. The suspect has been identified as Richard Richie Segara.

The brother was surprised to see his sister - who doesn't own a cellphone - looking haggard and weary and with a new cell phone. She told him it was given to her by Segara so she wouldn't tell anyone about the alleged assault. Segara also threatened to kill her if she talked.

Segara is a "barangay tanod," or a barrio police officer - not a commissioned officer.

Barangay Leon Garcia chief Lita Impis told Brigada that Segara was "tempted" by the 15-year-old wandering alone during curfew hours and decided to take her into custody - at his home. He then got the girl drunk and raped her.

He held the girl for a further two days.

Davao City has a 24-hour liquor ban on top of a 9 p.m-to-4 a.m. curfew in accordance with the nation's pandemic protocols.

The girl is from a provincial area and came to the city to sell flowers to earn money to help her with school.

The barrio chief said Segara would turn himself in to face charges. A complaint has yet to be filed with the local police department and is still being processed in the barangay chief's office.