Meghan Markle has not given up on her best friend, Jessica Mulroney. Despite reports that the Duchess of Sussex ended their friendship because of Mulroney's racism controversy, Prince Harry's wife and the Canadian stylist apparently talk on FaceTime regularly.

According to Daily Mail, Mulroney became suicidal when her life fell apart after being accused of throwing her weight around and using her white privilege against Black social media influencer Sasha Exeter at the height of the Black Lives Matter protests. Mulroney was also accused of using her friendship with Meghan for her gain, so the Duchess of Sussex decided to cut her out of her life.

Mulroney, however, belied such talks and said that Meghan constantly checks up on her via FaceTime. She also insisted that she has not used her friendship with the royal to get ahead at work because she knew she had to protect her friend.

The stylist, who has been pals with Meghan for over a decade, said in an interview with Page Six that she still feels shame over her row with Exeter. She thinks that a lot of people believe she behaved her worst against the influencer despite her apologies.

Mulroney took offense over Exeter's post regarding those who were silent on Black Lives Matter. She apparently sent the influencer a private message and threatened that she could lose her job because Mulroney knows the right people. Mulroney is married to Ben Mulroney, the son of Canada's former prime minister, Brian Mulroney.

Exeter called her out in a video post and got the support of the public. According to The Sun, Meghan's best friend receives at least 40 vile messages from trolls on social media.

Friends revealed that Mulroney came to the point of considering suicide because this experience made her depressed. The source said that Mulroney suffered from anxiety since she was 12 years old.

Mulroney took a break from social media to decompress and said that she would use her downtime to learn more about racial equality. She slowly came back on the platform in the fall and then posted in early November that she finally knows who her real friends are during her personal crisis.

The stylist also took to Instagram to shut down rumors that Meghan cut ties with her. She said that it would never happen because Prince Harry's wife is "the kindest friend" and their bond is more than friendship; they are family.