Apple still has designs to produce a physical car and reports suggested that Project Titan is now geared for the eventual assembly of the rumored Apple Car, the production of which could commence between 2024 and 2025. As expected, the smart car planned by the tech giant will be competing against industry leader Tesla.

Reports from Asia indicated that Apple is ramping up the production of components that will be used to manufacture the futuristic vehicle. If the project will go smoothly, the chance is high that the world will see a fully functional Apple Car next year.

The estimate was carried in a report by Taiwanese publication Economic Daily News, which further claimed that the manufacturing activities for the ambitious undertaking will heat up around the second quarter of 2021. Barring any glitch, it is believed that Apple will showcase the completed Apple Car and its incredible capabilities.

While details about the Project Titan have been scarce in the past years, it is not remote at all that Apple can push out a vehicle that will directly compete against Tesla and other EV makers. CNET said, this upcoming product will likely run on clean energy, that is electric, and will boast of modern functionalities such as AI-powered assisted driving.

However, the timeline given for the Apple Car's unveiling seemed unrealistic given that back in 2016, the tech giant announced the downgrading of Project Titan's targets. The company said that the focus will shift on the development of smart driving technology and putting together a physical car bearing Apple's logo will take the backseat.

Taking this into consideration, it's easier to believe that if indeed the Apple Car project has been revived, its completion is likelier to be realized some four or five years from now. The Verge said, citing a report from Reuters, that Project Titan will start producing the Apple Car in 2024 at the earliest.

The project also factored in the possible impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, meaning the production calendar could see a delay that could stretch to 2025.

In any case, the Reuters report appeared highly confident that the Apple Car is for real and its headline features include "a breakthrough battery technology" and autonomous driving. Specifically, the vehicle's battery pack will allow for a longer driving range but at a significantly reduced cost.

Apple has been sending out signs that Project Titan has been afforded a boost. Patent applications on the technologies to be used on the project leaked out and in recent weeks, the team in charge of the Apple Car saw a notable leadership change.

Interestingly, the company appointed John Giannandrea as the new point man for Project Titan and the executive is Apple's head of AI division, which suggests that when the Apple Car is completed it will scream of smart and modern functionalities.