The royal family used to have a surprising pastime whenever they're in Sandringham in Norfolk. Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and the other royals apparently liked to spend hours of relaxation at the nearby Holkham beach, the famous naturist haven, and ogle or diss at the people.

In the book Prince Philip Revealed, author Ingrid Seward wrote that nude sun-worshippers frequenting the beach used to be such under royal scrutiny. Marina Ogilvy, the daughter of Princess Alexandra of Kent, recalled that the Queen's Mother often had funny and naughty things to say about the nudists. She said that her royal cousins would use binoculars as they watched the people.

Holkham beach is near the Crown estate, where the royals have their own secluded hut by the beach. The secured pine woods structure was around 70 years old before it burned down due to a suspected arsonist activity in 2003.

The fifth Earl of Leicester, the owner of the Holkham estate, said that the beach hut was a gift from his family to Queen Elizabeth. The Queen Mother loved staying at the hut because it's where she does her long walks with her dogs. On the other hand, Prince Philip enjoyed staying at the hut so he could barbecue and get a peaceful sleep.

In 2013, Norfolk's local council decided to ban the naturist camp after numerous complaints of lewd and inappropriate activities. Residents said that they received propositions from the beachgoers even as they minded their business. Some nudists were also openly cavorting by the sand dunes.

Once a famous recreational spot for many nudists, the Holkham beach soon lost its appeal, even for the royal family. So, while the royals liked to watch people for fun, the ban was apparently a welcome relief for Buckingham Palace.

However, some members of the British Naturism, which is over 10,000 strong, campaigned against the ban. Proponents said that only a small number of nudists are actual troublemakers, and their behavior should not be the basis for judging the majority.

After a few months, the Crown estate apparently reversed the ban due to a legal impediment initiated by the naturist group. The local police heightened their presence around the beach as well, while outlining specific areas where nude sunbathing is allowed.

Holkham beach is also close to Anmer Hall, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's country home since 2013.