A Japanese startup claims that its prototype wearable can monitor your blood sugar continuously in a non-invasive manner.

Checking your blood sugar is quick, easy, and reasonably painless. Despite this, a survey by the American Diabetes Association found that 21% of Americans with Type 1 diabetes never check their glucose levels, while 47% of those with Type 2 diabetes never monitor them. As it turns out, people stop checking their blood sugar levels because of all the steps they need to perform, from pricking their fingers with a needle to washing them thereafter to avoid infection. That might change soon. At the recent CES 2021 event, a Japanese startup claimed that it has a prototype wearable that can monitor sugar levels nonstop and in a non-invasive manner.


Quantum Operation Inc., a Japanese startup, says that it developed a wearable that can measure blood sugar from the wrist of those wearing it. The company says that its prototype wearable, aside from monitoring glucose levels nonstop, gathers the needed data without the need for needles, meaning it is non-invasive. The startup added that its wearable is also accurate.

The prototype wearable, which looks like an Apple Watch knock-off, has a tiny spectrometer that the device uses to scan the blood to check and measure glucose levels without using needles. Quantum says that their wearable solves the primary complaint of those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, which is the invasive manner of checking blood sugar levels. Aside from being non-invasive, Quantum also claims that the wearable provides the user with accurate readings nonstop, and can be used to read other vital signs like the user's heart rate and ECG. Best of all, the device can monitor the glucose levels of the wearer continuously.

The startup revealed that the secret of its prototype wearable as regards non-invasive features and the ability to generate accurate blood sugar readings nonstop lies in the company's patented spectroscopy materials within the watch and its band. Quantum said that it is easy to use too. Users simply need to slip the watch on their wrists and enable the glucose level monitoring from its menu. After approximately 20 seconds, the wearable will display blood sugar levels nonstop, as long as the user wears it on the wrist.

Quantum reveals that it intends to offer its prototype no-needle wearable to healthcare providers and insurers. The company says that the ability of their innovative watch to gather data like blood glucose levels in a non-invasive, accurate, and continuous manner is a big draw for healthcare providers and other interested parties. The startup also hopes to develop a big data platform that can collect and analyze the huge chunk of information generated by users who wear the device.