The Professional Fighters League (PFL) has been making a lot of noise as of late, invading the mixed martial arts scene after only two seasons. It is a testament that the promotion is backed by the right people, led no less by the chairman and co-founder Donn Davis.

Davis has been known for handling companies and helping them flourish. He has a proven track record, known to have aided several familiar names such as DraftKings, Sportradar, ZipCar, LivingSocial, Sweetgreen, and BigCommerce. At the rate things are going right now, it would not be surprising if the PFL follows suit.

As far as the PFL is concerned, it is a fight promotion that offers something different. It uses a tournament-style format that poses another challenge for fighters who want to prove they are the best in their division. In short, they need to work and strive hard to earn their keep.


Aside from that, Davis and company have put to good use the fruits of technology. SmartCage technology allows the fans to get real-time stats and data, a transparent way to see how the fight card is progressing. This way, a better understanding of which fighter is leading as well as their moves are monitored closely.

“Our philosophy at the Professional Fighters League is: what would be interesting to viewers and what would be interesting to fans? We don’t do innovation and technology for innovation and technology’s sake. We focus on the fans. We focus on the viewers,” Davis said in an interview with Combat Press.

After only two seasons, there is no denying that the PFL has garnered attention and there is nowhere else to go but up. Davis feels that with the tournament format, they can evolve fight sports in the same way that team game has succeeded.

“We're trying to make MMA into a major sport like the other leagues, big difference number one. And that authenticity and that transparency, young audiences love that. They understand that,” Davis quipped in a piece from

Looking ahead, it would not be surprising if the PFL comes up with more ideas to help its rise to the top. Some of that could be seen in their third season which opens in April.

With some of the world’s best fighters taking up the PFL challenge, it may only be a matter of time before it reaches the ranks of top MMA promotions. For now, Davis is satisfied with where it is at but is certainly looking to push it some more.