Melania Trump received tons of criticisms these past few days following the riot in the U.S. Capitol. Several individuals called her out for not speaking before the public and addressing the rioters.

But, apart from the critics, the First Lady's former best friend, also, had something to say to and about her. Yahoo! Entertainment reported that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff explained what role Melania played amid the chaos in an interview with CNN.

She said that the First Lady has a voice and platform but, she did not use it. She, then, stated that this is not the "only complicit" thing she did in the last four years of her stay inside the White House. Wolkoff continued that Melania Trump is not only complicit, but, she is, also, Donald Trump's "enabler."

This is not the first time Stephanie Winston Wolkoff slammed the First Lady following the riot in the Capitol. On Friday, she penned a scathing note via The Daily Beast, detailing why the U.S. President's wife has blood on her hands.

She said that Melania only "knows how to 'Be Best' at standing up and reading from a teleprompter, and not from the heart." She, also, noted that the First Couple lacks character, adding that they have "no moral compass."

Then, the former White House staff shared that she is "disheartened and ashamed" of working for and with Donald Trump's wife. In the end, Wolkoff took responsibility for playing the role of "Melania's enabler."

A few days later, Melania Trump released a statement through the official website of the White House. She offered her sympathies and condolences to the families of those who died due to the demonstration.

She identified all the individuals who lost their lives. But, before naming the Capitol Police Officers, she first mentioned the Trump supporters.

Consequently, the First Lady revealed how "disappointed and disheartened" she was upon learning all the "salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks, and false misleading accusations" toward her. Although she did not directly pinpoint Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, many individuals believe Melania referred to her former staff.

9Honey recently reported that Wolkoff hit back at her former best friend after she released her statement. She said that Melania Trump's letter "was very late," emphasizing, as well, that "her words have no meaning."

Consequently, she stated that this is what makes it the "saddest" of all because the First Lady only shared words and not actions. She even described the response as "vacuous." Before ending her comments, though, the former White House staff urged Donald Trump to resign.