Apple's manufacturing ally, Foxconn, sets up an automotive arm in what appears as a bid for consideration as an Apple Car partner.

Recent reports indicate that Foxconn is setting up a separate automotive arm amid news that Apple is pushing the pedal to the metal in the development of its Apple Car. If Foxconn establishes its own automotive arm, then the Taiwan-based company could become a prime manufacturing partner for Apple car in the same way that it gained Apple's favor in assembling iPhones and other devices for the Cupertino-based tech giant.

A Bloomberg report Wednesday revealed that Foxconn is "solidifying its automotive capabilities." The report also stated that Foxconn is teaming up with Zhejiang Geely, a Chinese carmaker, to offer production and consulting services to automotive manufacturing firms around the world. Foxconn confirmed in an interview that it would be providing these services, though it did not confirm that its move to set up a separate automotive arm is an implied statement that it is also interested in becoming an Apple Car partner. Recently, rumors surfaced that Apple has entered into an agreement with Hyundai to manufacture Apple Cars at Kia's facility in Georgia, USA.

"Amid reports of Apple considering making its own electric vehicles, Foxconn has been bulking up its automotive muscles swiftly. Such moves may help the company become a major contender to make cars for its largest customer," Bloomberg said in its report. Many consider Foxconn's move in setting up an automotive arm as an overt statement to the Cupertino tech giant that the Taiwanese company is also capable of becoming an Apple Car partner.

The Bloomberg report also suggests that the Cupertino company is about "half a decade" from launching the much-hyped Apple Car. It also notes that "Setting up a car plant can cost billions of dollars and take years." Recent reports also reveal 2021 as a possible launch date for the Apple Car. The recent move of Foxconn in setting up a separate automotive arm, however, ignited rumors that Apple may not be that delayed in the development of its Apple Car, after all. If Foxconn is vying for Apple's consideration in building the innovative electric vehicle, then it could be that it is nearing a breakthrough.

According to reports, Foxconn is in the process of expanding one of its plants to accommodate the production of metal parts for the automotive industry. Many say that if Foxconn finishes setting up its automotive arm and manages to establish a firm hold on the industry, the company would be in a strong position to accommodate whatever orders come its way that relates to the Apple Car.