Elon Musk is using the power of social media to communicate with the Tesla fanbase and he addresses numerous concerns including complaints coming from Tesla EV users. It appears that these gripes are too many for the CEO to handle so the automaker is looking for a support specialist to give a helping hand.

The job advertised is a full-time position and can be performed remotely. The qualifications set by Tesla are simple - applicants are expected to be skilled in customer relations and able to manage all sorts of feedback. As it is a work-from-home setup, a stable internet connection is essential plus a quiet workplace.

The official title for the job is listed as "Energy Customer Support Specialist" and the successful candidate will be tasked "to resolve or escalate complaints through appropriate channels and address social media escalations directed at the CEO with critical thinking."

According to Business Insider, the specialist when hired is expected to focus on social media and specifically on Twitter, Musk's choice of platform and where he interacts with more than 42 million followers. The employee will likely make it easier for Tesla to deal with the problems that are brought to Musk's attention.

In the past, the Tesla chief gladly took on this role but with help coming in, things should get easier for the maverick executive. It is expected that Musk will continue to communicate directly with Tesla EV users but with an extra hand, he can further speed up the resolution of issues lodged before the automaker.

Effectively, this person will take charge of Tesla's online support. It should be noted that the company has a Twitter handler for such purpose but the account has been noticeably inactive since its creation a few years back. It could be that the incoming specialist will be assigned to the account and at the same time check on the issues flooding Musk.

Electrek said the move is a step forward on Tesla's part. The company decided to deactivate its PR department to focus on its social media presence, which the report said turned out as ill-advised. While interaction through Twitter seemed cool, more efficient customer service can be achieved using the old-school way.

Tesla still needs to build a customer service department that will handle face-to-face and online concerns. And it will be a big help too if the company will reactivate its PR team so all the communication coming in and out can be managed professionally. This need is becoming even more apparent as Tesla continues to experience explosive growth.