The new 'Shot On iPhone' collection of images is making waves on the Internet as it highlights the photography prowess of the iPhone 12.

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 family in October of last year, everyone can see that it brought along dozens of new features. What many did not expect, however, is that aside from its fresh aesthetics and new functionalities, Apple made a huge improvement in its cameras. While many iPhone 12 owners already tested the photography capabilities of the smartphone and posting them online, they took these using higher-end Pro and Pro Max models. Today, a new 'Shot On iPhone' collection of images truly highlights what the iPhone 12, from the mini to Pro Max, can really do.


In the new 'Shot on iPhone' image collection, you can see the magnificence of the shots and the vibrancy, as well as the vividness, of the details. If at first, you thought that such shots are only possible with the higher-end version of the iPhone 12, then you are clearly mistaken. In one shot taken with the iPhone 12 mini, the detail of the image is so excellent that you would think someone took that photo using a DSLR camera. The photo collection does highlight the endless photography possibilities that you can achieve with the iPhone 12.

The Start Of An Era

In March of 2015, or roughly six months after Apple released the iPhone 6, the Cupertino tech giant launched a campaign called "Shot on iPhone." The objective of the campaign is to highlight the smartphone as an important tool for serious photographers. Several iPhone models later, Apple finally achieved what everyone thought is impossible, and that is to cast the iPhone 12 as a likely replacement for the bulky DSLR cameras. The new 'Shot on iPhone' image collection proves just that and furthermore, it informs you can capture such photos even with cheaper models.

From super-detailed close-ups to capturing moody interiors and stunning landscapes, the new 'Shot on iPhone' image collection shows just how versatile are the new cameras in every iPhone 12. Industry observers marveled at the fact that whether you take the shot using an iPhone 12 mini or the higher-end iPhone 12 Pro Max, you still get great image results.

A Collection Of Images

To highlight just how good an iPhone 12 is in snapping images, Apple released on Tuesday the new 'Shot on iPhone' image collection. Even more amazing is the fact that you can capture truly marvelous images no matter what iPhone 12 model you use. Apple's new image collection just made it very clear that using the iPhone 12 camera that you can easily carry around with you, it is possible to capture beautiful and artistic images.